We organize hands-on cooking classes for the guest of our yurt camp where you can learn how to cook your favorite Uzbek dishes while staying in our camp.

Our cooking classes start usually in the morning. You will be introduced to your instructor and then agree on the menu (see options below).  Afterward, you will be driven from the camp to the local farmer’s market in Bogdon (30 min drive) to purchase ingredients and spices for the dishes.  Once back at the camp, you will start the preparation of the dishes with the help of an instructor. The class which lasts for about 4 hours includes the preparation of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. Complete the cooking class with communal dining, great conversations, and unforgettable memories. We do also offer vegetarian and gluten-free menu options on request.

Our classes operate with a minimum of 2 people. In order to ensure an intimate learning experience we limit the class size to 8 people. The cooking is done in pairs, so if you are signing up for this class alone, you will team up with a fellow participant. The classes are suitable for all skill levels.

The class is priced at USD 45 per participant, the price includes the following:

  • Lunch (all ingredients for meals)
  • Market visit
  • Local Master-chef
  • Coffer/tea
  • Recipe

*Alcoholic drinks are available at extra costs



Menu 1

Dish 1: Shurpa – lamb soup
Dish 2: Plov – a rice dish with meat
Desert: Halva –


Menu 2

Dish 1: Borsh
Dish 2: Manti
Desert: Sesame seeds


Menu 3

Dish 1: Koza Shorva
Dish 2: Shashlik
Desert: Chak-Cack